An empty fridge,clean shining pot,wallet filled with I.d cards and complementary cards,a rumbling stomach sound enough to fit in a band. The only filled thing in the room was a gallon filled with water. With great frustration mixed with anger he rushed to get a cup and then to the gallon of water,poured some into the cup and drank it like one taking a hot alcoholic drink.                “God i know you can see this!!!….he said shouting at the ceiling. You call me your son yet I suffer like a church rat when my father is the king of kings.I am not an illiterate but a graduate with an awesome result yet no job to show for it. You said I should ask…..I did…you said seek….I did…you said knock…I did…what else do you want from me!!!.                                                  Maybe you would know how serious I am by the time I go stealing and leave you. Have I not been willing? Have I not been obedient? When  will I eat the good of the land!!!. Since I gave my life to you, I have had nothing to show for it…… Maybe the devil will have better things to offer!
-Voice:- Did you just say you have nothing to show for your salvation? -Man:- Yes!!  you said you wish above all things that I may prosper even as my soul prospereth but I don’t see any prosperity in my life at all as a believer. Can you please do something about my predicament? I need prosperity!!       – Voice:- But are you still alive and breathing?                                                  -Man:- Of course I am….                     – Voice:- Is that not worth anything to you?                                                          -Man:- Yes it does but…..                    – Voice:- But what!!!!……few minutes ago you were shouting at me for not giving you the pleasures of life forgetting that a lifeless man cannot ask as you are asking. You don’t even think about things I do for you in the unseen talk more of appreciate me for them..                           You eat unbalanced and sometimes food that are harmful to your health unknown to you but I go into your body to flush away all that would cause harm to you to avoid you running to  the hospital and getting frustrated….                             – Man:- (calm) hmmm…..i’m grateful lord its just that…                   -Voice:-keep quiet and let me finish!!…….I have listened to your complains enough now you should listen to me….. 

“You forget so soon how you were about entering that company under construction to get a job and a block fell from the top of the building almost falling on you…….do you think you were the one that saved yourself when you jerked and shifted?!     Of course not.I did.

” what about the times you were almost knocked down on the express while deep in thoughts and the vehicle stopped so suddenly….”

“What about the days I provided food for you through other people?……

” what about the days you slept and woke up with me protecting you from the forces of darkness seeking your Soul…..                                            -Man:-(broken hearted)….lord please i’m sorry.

“What about the good health your parents enjoy irrespective of all the devil ” with better things to offer” had planned for them….                        – Do you pay for the air you breath?  – Do you pay for the life you leave?    – Do you pay for the protection you get?                                                                  I wish you could see beyond riches and know all i’ve been doing for you,maybe you will appreciate me better.                                                          – Man:- (in tears ,on knees) father please i’m really sorry. I was carried away by my predicament and was blind to all you have been doing for me in the unseen.

Most times when we think God is silent and doing nothing about our predicament or heart desires,we ought to look closely because there are like a hundred and one things he is doing in the unseen for us. Maybe we should be more grateful and less demanding cause he knows the needs of our heart even before we ask.Remember,a dead man has no request.


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