Research has revealed that many youths or young adult live their lives without any vision and goals, which is very risky. All they want is to go to school, learn which is good and after their service then they are stranded, looking for job for so many years, some even end up doing a job outside their field. part of our aim is to help the youth identify where they are going, pursue it and achieve it.  Here are things that can help you in life

  •   vision deals with your purpose, target, aim, goal, your accomplishment, a result that you are attempting to achieve. vision deals with your direction in life, your movement, instruction to follow.    vision deals with an ideal (existing only in the mind) or a goal (aim, target) toward which one aspires (hope or dream)
  • vision exist first in the mind, it takes human effort ,commitment,consistency,diligence to create that which is in the mind to this physical realm. vision is first conceive in the mind then it takes our determination and commitment to make it a reality
  • success is the end result of vision, success is the achievement of ones aim or goal, which means a successful man is a man full of vision. You want to be successful? have a vision and determine to achieve it


  • vision guides your choice it makes choice making easy and simple. When you know where you are going it will be difficult for people to misguide you. Men who want to really succeed in life have choice patters or decision patters
  • vision help you control the use of your time, a man of vision manage his time well Ephesians 5:16. Time is always precious to be who are ready to be successful. the best time for we young adult or youth to use our time wisely is now.
  • A man of vision is a focused man, his mind is fixed on his goal, he is not distracted by anything at all
  • Vision guides your association, the people you team up with. You cant raise above your association, Associate yourself with people who knows where they are going, wise people, those who can help you in reaching where you aim to be.

A man/woman without vision is like a car without fuel, their wont be any movement, just stagnant and useless. A man of vision is a successful man.

Lastly never forget the God factor, He can help you in achieving what you aspire to be.

We at WordEars are ready to help all young adult achieve their dreams. WorldEars, hear your world

oladapo david


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