My Encounter

I jerked up with heavy sweat all over me,panting like one who was being chased by the all seemed familiar but I could not place looked like a movie I saw at Tony’s but this can’t be.

     A young man walked up to me,”master,there is a lad here who has five loaves and two fishes, but what are they among so many people”.later got to know his name was Andrew…..surprised at myself I answered “make the people sit down and bring the loaves”. I took the bread,gave thanks for it and it was distributed,satisfying everyone with twelve baskets left.I felt on top of the world with that. As time went on I was casting out demons, teaching wise words,having so many followers etc.Most  times, thoughts of death came to my head cause I seem to know the end of all these but I pushed such thoughts aside with d excitement I was having after all I’m not Jim Caviezel so I won’t die for sure.                                 A day came that I was with my closet friends generally called disciples,they were Peter,James nd John. I felt this sorrow in my heart to pray and after prayers one of my ” disciples” came and gave me a kiss on the cheek and from nowhere came soldiers who bundled me giving me the beating of my life as they took me away. “Ah ah…..what have I done? They gave me no reply,they just continued with the beating.

I was publicly disgraced, presented to both Herod and pilate and later sentenced to death by crucifixion. I could not believe my eyes,how can I be going through all these when  i’m not Jim caviezel or Jesus Christ. This is too much for me to bear.Before I knew it,one of the soldiers came and placed a crown of sharp thorns on my head,pressing it down to fit in properly.That moment I would never forget!….those thorns piercing into my head,I could feel it touching my brain!!.” Oh please somebody help me,this was not what I bargained for”.Another soldier came from nowhere and hit me from behind with a reed,this time i’m sure the thorns were in my brain.I was given the reed and mockingly hailed as king of the Jews.I was made to carry a cross said to be mine for crucifixion. “Oh God!!this is too much to bear….can you please take this away from me for i’m not your son.OK I’m your son but I’m not Christ please.

We got to a place called Golgotha. Now I became very sure that I was going to die even if I was not Christ.These heartless soldiers came up to where I knelt after preparing everything for my crucifixion. They took off my clothes and laid me upon a cross, with a soldier nailing my both hands and legs to the cross……Ahhh!! I was dying with strength leaving me and blood gushing out of my body,with all the pain In me I lifted up my voice to heaven..” My father my father,why have u forsaken me?!!!!                          **************************** Ben! Ben!! Ben!!…….guy wake up’ve been sleeping like a pregnant woman since 2pm and its already past no go chop?   “My God! It was a dream”. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I knelt down to pray. Then came that still and calm voice. I could hear it as if the person speaking was standing next to me..” Ben did you enjoy being me?…..I only made you go through a piece of all I went through and you could not bear it.This is how much I love humanity. You joined the children of this world in making mockrey of me with your sins. I hope you enjoyed your experience on the cross.

Now to you reading…

I still stand at the door of your heart if only u would open up for me to come in…. I still love you and wish you well that is why I went to prepare a better place for you.Do not break my heart please and let my blood be a waste. Repent of that sin and am ever ready to receive you.



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