Cultist Shot Dead In Enugu by Unknown Gang….

On the 24th of August in an Area in Enugu; Obiagu precisely, A group of Gunmen six in number attacked and killed a well known cultist popularly known in that area as AYAKA……

Eyewitnesses said that the gang of six where from a foreign place as they didnt know who they came to kill and was only able to locate him through a phone call; asking him to come to a place and when they sighted him, two of d gang men came asking him if he was “Ayaka” and He, expecting the caller to show up replied yes and immediately d rest of the group gathered and they started shooting him…

Eyewitnesses said he was shot up to six(6) times before they left but Ayaka was still breathing,only for the gang to come back again and give him six more bullets making sure he is finished this time around.


ayaka lying lifeless
The gang then left after their successful mission in killing Ayaka, but they where followed by a SAS  troop and at some point the gang was double crossed by the SAS troop; as the gang wouldn’t give up easily so the SAS men opened fire on them and at the cost of time, three of the gang was shot dead and two were caught while one escaped.


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