in life those who are ready to be great must be ready to pay the prize for greatness. the world generally has insert this cheap mentality into people especially the youth that there are shortcut to everything, hmmmm is that true? lets consider some points and end this confusion of shortcut.

  • not everything are gift in the spirit, some are rewards you have to pay for it
  • if Joseph did not pay the prize by rejecting the enjoyment that last but for a second he would not have attain to the level of the prime minister in Egypt, saving almost the entire world from famine.
  •  to every prize paid there are rewards attached to it
  • you cant burn night candles doing intensive studying and come out a failure, the reward for that prize paid is success,moving from that particular level to a higher one
  • a lazy man’s hand is the devil workshop’s, he that is diligent will not stand before ordinary men but kings
  • you need the Anointing?  pay the prize, stay in the place of prayer,stay in the place of worship along with intensive study of the WORD
  • transformation comes by the renewal of your mind, renewal of your mind comes by the knowledge of HIM, to know HIM you must sit down and study the Word with the help of the Holy spirit
  • no one is anointed by mistake. great men of God paid the prize before they are qualified to be called Men of God
  • you want to be a teacher of the Word? pay the prize. labour in studying the Word with intense prayer
  • great success in any aspect aspect of your life come from the prize yo pay,preparing for exam? pay the prize. No shortcut to success, No shortcut for the Anointing. pay the prize, pay the prize, pay the prize.

God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. He rewards those who seek Him diligently. pay the prize now and be proud of the result.  God bless




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