Nollywood actor Leo Mezie loses right leg after kidney collapse

– Nollywood actor Leo Mezie has lost the use of one of his legs

– Mezie’s two kidneys were reported to have collapsed over a month back

– His colleagues in Nollywood can only raise N1.2 million in one month

It has been reported that Nollywood actor Leo Mezie lost his two kidneys and need financial help to get a kidney transplant abroad.
Though his fans and friends have been contributing money to get him a kidney transplant, the money is coming in in trickles and this has led to the actor losing one of his legs.

Mezie is reported to have lost the use of his right leg as you read this. When fellow actor Muna Obiekwe was suffering from the same ailment and died, people criticized him in death for not crying out for help. Muna passed away on January 18, 2015, at the age of 36.

After late music producer’s kidney collapsed a second time, he did not cry for help as he had done the first time in 2013 and got help. He thought he could help himself but alas he died trying to raise money for a second transfer all by himself on June 14, 2016, three weeks to his 50th birthday.

Now Mezie is crying but the help is not coming as expected.
Leo Mezie needs N10 million for an immediate kidney transplant abroad. For over a month, as at August 2, 2016, his colleagues can only raise N1.2 million. This is sad.

Meanwhile, actress Toyin Aimakhu in just three days with a few other people helped raised over N40 million naira for Mayowa Ahmed who is suffering from ovarian cancer.


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